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Global health R&D delivers for California

US government investment in global health R&D has delivered

$876.4 million
to California research institutions
11,800+ new jobs
for California
California's top USG-funded global health R&D institutions

California's top USG-funded global health R&D institutions

The Scripps Research Institute
$189.5 million
University of California, San Francisco
$151.2 million
University of California, Los Angeles (including Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor – UCLA Medical Center)
$60.4 million
University of California, Davis (including Regents of the University of California, Davis)
$56.7 million
University of California, Irvine
$55.7 million
University of California, San Diego (including Regents of the University of California, San Diego)
$53 million
University of California, Berkeley
$50.4 million
Stanford University (including the Center for Innovations in Global Health)
$44.5 million
La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology
$18.1 million
University of California, Riverside
$16.1 million
California Institute of Technology
$15.8 million
University of California, Santa Cruz
$13.6 million
Heluna Health (formally Public Health Foundation Enterprises)
$11.1 million
The Oak Crest Institute of Science
$10.1 million
Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland
$10 million
Global Solutions for Infectious Diseases
$7.7 million
J.Craig Venter Institute
$6.8 million
Blood Systems Research Institute
$5.4 million
University of Southern California
$5 million
Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences
$3.8 million
University of California, Santa Barbara
$3.7 million
Vaccine Research Institute of San Diego
$3.6 million
Veterans Medical Research Foundation
$3.2 million
La Jolla Bioengineering Institute
$3.1 million
San Diego Biomedical Research Institute
$2.7 million
La Jolla Infectious Disease Institute
$2.5 million
Loma Linda University
$2.4 million
San Diego State University
$2.4 million
University of San Diego
$2.2 million
John Wayne Cancer Institute
$1.6 million
California State University, Long Beach
$1.5 million
University of California, Merced
$1.4 million
Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
$1.2 million
Keck Foundation
$1.1 million
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
$949 thousand
VA San Diego Healthcare System
$558 thousand
California State University, Fullerton
$496 thousand
Northern California Institute for Research and Education
$421 thousand
California State University Fresno
$391 thousand
San Francisco State University
$380 thousand
California State University, San Marcos
$378 thousand
Gladstone Institutes
$357 thousand
University of San Francisco
$307 thousand
Southwestern College Chula Vista
$245 thousand
Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
$199 thousand
American Health Sciences, LLC
$99 thousand
California industry in global health R&D

California industry in global health R&D

Location(s): Redwood City, San Francisco
Acea Biotech
Location(s): San Francisco
Location(s): South San Francisco
Ajinomoto Althea
Location(s): San Diego
Location(s): San Diego
Location(s): South San Francisco, Thousand Oaks
Location(s): South San Francisco
Location(s): Berkley, San Francisco, West Sacramento
Beckman Coulter
Location(s): Brea
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Location(s): Redwood City
Location(s): San Diego, San Francisco
Location(s): Inglewood
Charles River Laboratories
Location(s): Hollister, San Diego, South San Francisco
Eli Lilly and Company
Location(s): San Diego
Evofem Bioscences
Location(s): San Diego
Location(s): Foster City, La Verne, Oceanside, San Dimas
Location(s): San Diego
Ichor Medical Systems
Location(s): San Diego
Inovio Pharmaceuticals
Location(s): San Diego
Integrated DNA Technologies
Location(s): Redwood City, San Diego
Location(s): La Jolla
Location(s): San Diego, South San Francisco
Mapp Biopharmaceuticals
Location(s): San Diego
Medical Avatar
Location(s): Los Angeles
Location(s): Carlsbad, Emeryville, Irvine, Lake Forest, San Carlos, San Diego
Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
Location(s): Palo Alto
Location(s): Redwood City, San Diego
Location(s): San Diego
Location(s): La Jolla
Location(s): San Diego
Location(s): Redwood City, Valencia
Location(s): Pleasanton
Wave 80 Biosciences
Location(s): San Francisco

California's top areas of global health R&D by USG funding

Diarrheal diseases
Salmonella infections
Neglected tropical diseases
Bacterial pneumonia & meningitis
Cryptococcal meningitis
Ebola/viral hemorrhagic fevers
Hepatitis C
Rheumatic fever
Global health R&D at work in California

Using a method developed at the University of California-San Francisco, Stanford University researchers have created a compound, still in early stages, that combats drug-resistant malaria parasites without harm to human cells. Despite global efforts, malaria infects nearly 200 million people each year, mostly in Africa and Asia, and kills more than 400,000—primarily children under five. Scientists are racing to find new treatments before current drugs stop working.

  • Methodology
  • USG global health R&D investment to state research institutions/Top USG-funded global health R&D institutions: Authors' analysis of USG investment data from the G-FINDER survey, including funding for R&D for neglected diseases from 2007–2015 and for Ebola and select viral hemorrhagic fevers from 2014–2015. Reflects USG funding received by entities in state including academic and research institutions, product development partnerships, other nonprofits, select corporations, and government research institutions, as well as self-funding or other federal agency transfers received by federal agencies located in state; but excludes pharmaceutical industry data which is aggregated and anonymized in the survey for confidentiality purposes. See methodology for additional details.
  • Jobs created: Based on previous analysis of the economic impact of National Institutes of Health R&D funding and author's analysis described above. See methodology for additional details.
  • Case study photo: PATH/Patrick McKern