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Advance multisector partnerships

Development of new global health technologies is a long and resource-intensive process that requires the skills and contributions of a variety of actors. While public funding is critical to kick-start R&D for global health tools, as the product development process continues, additional players contribute. Typically, universities and government scientists advance basic research, product development partnerships offer additional research capacity and help translate discoveries into appropriate tools for low-resource settings, and the private sector adds additional funding and the resources needed to secure regulatory approval, scale up production, and bring products to market. Governments and international organizations also partner to support regulatory processes, roll out new global health technologies across the world, and monitor and evaluate the impact of new products in their target settings.

To ensure global health tools and technologies make it through the pipeline from basic research to roll-out, strong multisector partnerships are essential. This not only means recognizing the value each sector brings to global health R&D, but also acknowledging that as the world confronts our most challenging global health issues, no one sector alone has the resources, scope, or capacity to accomplish these goals.

What does GHTC do?

GHTC advocates for policies and mechanisms that make it easier to develop partnerships to advance innovation and incentivize cross-sector solutions in global health R&D. The coalition supports policies that help governments, academia, nonprofits, and the private and philanthropic sectors work together more effectively to advance global health R&D. This includes promoting greater transparency and information-sharing to foster collaboration, supporting incentive mechanisms that encourage the private sector and nontraditional actors to support global health R&D, and championing mechanisms to link up potential cross-sector partners through US agency global health and multilateral organization programs.

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